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Zero Time. Did it ever happen?

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Sorting the terms gives this simple equation:

( tv )2 – ( to )2 = ( tc )2

Using the difference of two squares, it reduces to the same form as the original hypothesised equation. When we trace back our observed time to zero at the Big Bang, universal time has the value tc, the time that corresponds with T in our original surmise, the time we took to be Planck’s time, a fundamental unit of time. For universal time to reach zero, our observed time has to become imaginary. It suggests that there never was a Big Bang. On the miniscule scale, time is eternal. Perhaps that will actually please Christians.


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Written by mikemagee

12 March, 2007 at 6:03 pm

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  1. Hi mike. Hope you are well.Like the new additions and ventures. Just a quick reply to thi point: Time is an imaginary concept which as often as not is culturally determined. Some say that the judeo christian linear concept of it derives from the zoroastrian concept of ahura mazdas scheme of things. Certainly many cultures have a cyclical conception of the sequence of things. I guess as a scientist it may be hard to think in ways other than the scientific dogma on time and to feel obliged to give credence to the intellectualism of einstein, but it is not for nothing that every scientific or philosophical description of “reality” has to define time. The act of defining is the act of reification of an imaginary conception. As much as one canclaim the usefulness of the definition one can equally claim the usefulness of not having a conception of time or in any case a more general conception from which “time” derives as a special case. The mathematics of the equations are only highlighting the assumptions in their most particular forms , and cannot add or detract from what we have made them referrent to. Rigour allows this to be clear but less rigorous thinkers in the past have allowed terms to refer to more than one concept and thus fudged the issue. To say time is eternal is no more revealing than to say that time is an imaginary construct. The point always to be born in mind is the physical moving objects used to define time. These are movements of space and it is our perception of these movements that create the artefact we define as time. Movement and sequence are the primary spatial distinctions are interdependent sensory perception function highlights. Where we go from there seems to be culturally determined.

    Delighting in you sam


    28 December, 2007 at 12:50 am

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