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A Human Baby—Why are So Many Dying?

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A Human Baby

A Human Baby

This is a human baby. It is utterly defenseless. It cannot defend itself against wolves, bears, snakes or even rats. It is innocent of any wickedness. It is helpless. It depends on adult humans, mainly their mothers, for care, food and security. Yet the US and its allies have in the last few years cruelly murdered millions of these defenseless creatures:

  1. unknown numbers of them are being killed daily in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  2. in Gaza 250 of them were killed in only a few days in the summer by Israelis
  3. around 500,000 of them were killed by first Clinton’s and Blair’s sanctions, and then by Bush’s and Blair’s callous “precision” bombing and troop invasion of Iraq
  4. millions of them were killed in Vietnam.

Impeach their Murderers!

The leaders who have ordered and carried out these crimes claim to be Christians, and are ready to be judged by their Creator, some have said. But where is our compassion? Where is their supposed Christian love? What ought we to do in the interest of basic justice and morality? We should judge our Christian leaders now for ourselves. If just one of these millions of dead babies had been one of ours, no one would have tolerated it for a second. They are Arab and other Asian children. To Christians, it seems they do not count as human. They are merely subhuman rag heads and gooks. The west is guilty of disgusting, indefensible crimes against humanity. These children are as good as our own! Our guilty leaders should be impeached and judged by us.

It is our moral duty to stop it, and punish the murderers!


Written by mikemagee

11 September, 2009 at 9:31 pm

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