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Portions Have Grown in Last Supper Paintings

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The Daily Beast has this snippet from USA Today:

Don’t ask why this study was commissioned, but two researchers have found that over the past 1,000 years, the portion sizes in representations of the Last Supper have increased. Published in April’s International Journal of Obesity, the findings show that the loaves of bread, main dishes, and plates have all grown relative to the size of the heads of Jesus and the disciples—main course increased by 69 percent, plate size 66 percent, and loaves of bread swelled by 23 percent. The two researchers, one at Cornell and his brother at Virginia Wesleyan College, suggested that the notable growth—particularly after 1500—could be explained by the fact that food became more available and less expensive.

Yes we in the west all eat more—too much, in fact—than people used to be content with. But besides the size of portions, we also eat crap. Our food is adulterated with cheap ingredients like sugars and fats that add the calories that we no longer need in our mainly sedentary lives. These corporations are effectively poisoning us. Food adulteration like this ought to be a criminal offense, but the food manufacturers have too much of a lobby, just as the health and health insurance lobby does. We should be rioting on the streets to stop conglomerates from making multibucks out of our bad physical conditions. And where are the Christians protesting against our health being the price we pay billionaires? As always, most Christians are part of the problem! Adelphiasophists recommend frugality.


Written by mikemagee

24 March, 2010 at 4:38 pm

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