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Ted Honderich notes that anti-semitism is prejudice or hostility against Jews in general by some others. It is viciousness against them, cheating against them, denying their humanity. But every force has an equal and opposite force, according to Newton, and every thesis has an antithesis, according to Greek dialectical method. The negation of anti-Semitism is semitism—prejudice or hostility in favor of Jews and against some others. Semitism too is viciousness, cheating, denial of humanity, but by Zionist Jews or those who particularly favor them. It is often simply an action that causes a reaction in the form of anti-semitism, justifying the initial semitism. The two prejudices feed off one another.

Semitism, though, has had an unpardonable effect specifically on the Palestinian people. Having been driven by Zionists with the collusion of western powers from their traditional land, they have been cruelly vilified and ill treated for seeking to right the wrong. Denied by the semitists of Israel and the US any legal right to their former possessions they have had to resort to terrorism against a far more powerful and sophisticated enemy, Israel. The supporters of Israel in the US include large numbers of fundamental Christians.

What is ironic, for these American Christian fundamentalists who support Israeli Zionism as part of their religious mirage, is that the Palestinians, not the Israelis, are the people who lived in the area 2000 years ago, the people of whom Jesus Christ was one. The Jewish peasants of the countryside of Judaea were never evicted by the Romans or by the Arabs. They simply converted to Islam when induced to do so by tax benefits, and thereafter interbred to some degree with Arabians and Turks. Jesus Christ was bodily a Palestinian, not a Slav or a German as many Israelis are.

Written by mikemagee

4 August, 2010 at 7:12 pm

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