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Ptolemaic Gold Coin found in Israel Confounds Zionists

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Egyptian Gold Coin found in Israel

A Ptolemaic coin with the image of a woman was minted In Alexandria

A rare 2,200 year old gold coin, weighing 27.71 grams, has been found at the Tel Kedesh site in the Upper Galilee of Israel on the Lebanese border. It is only the second of its type known and one of the largest denominations minted in antiquity. It dates to 190 BC.

The coin dates back to the rule of the Iraq-based Seleucid Empire, though it was minted by the rival Egyptian Ptolemies. It has an image of a Ptolemaic Egyptian queen on its face, and mint mark of the Ptolemaic mint at Alexandria on its reverse, and dated to the 14th year of the reign of Ptolemy V (190 BC).

Some Zionists and their fundamental Christian apologists like the presence in Israeli soil of many coins from the Hellenistic era as proof that Palestine was always Jewish, but coins like this remind us, and should remind them, that Palestine was ruled from Seleukia, Alexandria, Persia, Babylonia and Assyria before it was ruled by a Jew, only in 162 BC! It ceased to be ruled by Jews in 4 BC, when Herod (an Idumaean convert to Judaism) died, whereupon it was successively ruled by Rome, Byzantium, and the Moslem Caliphs. The case of Herod shows that the Jews are believers in a religion—like Christians and Moslems—they are not a race or a nation. Indeed, there were no Jews before the Persians ruled Yehud. The local people before then were polytheistic Canaanites.

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18 August, 2010 at 7:28 pm

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