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Christian Zionism—an Heresy of the Antichrist?

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An interesting occasional blog called Liberate America is written by Tammy Obeidallah, a Christian, whose name suggests a Moslem, perhaps Palestinian, origin. She writes:

I have been comforted by the divine wisdom and promise found in the Bible countless times throughout my life, yet it troubles me how this sacred book has been manipulated by so many into a “how to” manual of theft and destruction. Often I have been questioned by non-Christian friends regarding biblical passages commonly abused by Christian Zionists—those who believe that Jews are God’s Chosen and must be implanted in Palestine to precipitate the Second Coming of Jesus Christ—“Does the Bible really say that?”

My answer is always a resounding “no”. While it is possible to take certain passages out of context and ignore the historical perspective in which they were written to manufacture a case for a modern day nation called Israel, it is neither accurate nor theologically sound. Yet as many as 70 million people in the United States espouse the doctrine of Christian Zionism which endorses racism, ethnic cleansing and wholesale slaughter as manifested in the Israeli occupation of Palestine. This heresy is twofold—Zionist Christians have manipulated both biblical prophecy and the Bible’s historical content to support their murderous agenda.

The author offers some pages on Christian Zionism, this insidious pseudo-Christian political ideology used by Zionists to hold the USA in bondage to Israel.

Christian Zionists put Israel First!

Many alleged Christians unconditionally support the Zionist state. They are therefore called “Christian Zionists”. Their slogan is “Israel First”, showing that they are not at all patriotic, for they put their own country the USA only second after Israel, yet attempt to denigrate patriotic American Moslems. There are at least 50 million Christian Zionists in the United States, and it is this immense solid voting unit that forces US politicians to at least nod their heads to them and their dubious politics, and at worst use them to attack all Moslems and to generate funds and propaganda for the state of Israel. Their founders have done it by teaching the false doctrine that Jesus Christ will return when all Jews are gathered in Palestine, a policy that suits Zionism down to the hilt. The Palestinian people are Moslems and do not count as being human to these supposed Christians!

Christian Zionism has certainly proved immensely useful to political Zionists in getting a Jewish homeland in Palestine, even though Palestine was sixth on Theodor Herzl’s list of potential homelands at the First Zionist Congress in 1897, behind Argentina, Uganda and Turkey. Christian Zionists actually made the loudest call for a takeover of Palestine all along.

The Politics of Christian Zionism, 1891-1948 by Paul C Merkley shows that Christian Zionism predated Herzl, the father of Zionism. An 1893 pamphlet, The Restoration of the Jews to Palestine According to Prophecy, was written by William Hechler, the son of Anglican missionaries, who arranged meetings between Herzl and Kaiser Wilhelm II, promoting the Zionist aim of grabbing Palestine. Plymouth Brethren minister, John Nelson Darby (1800-1882), popularized the doctrine as “dispensationalism”, further spread by the Scofield Reference Bible of 1909 which has copious footnotes telling readers to interpret Bible verses and prophecy as the establishment of Israel as a modern nation state.

The Puritans saw themselves as the Children of Israel, escaping religious persecution in Europe just as in the exodus myth of the Hebrews following Moses out of Egypt. America was their “Promised Land”, and the doctrine of “Manifest Destiny”—that God’s will was for the new country to stretch from sea to sea—justified the genocide of Native Americans. By the same analogy, Christian Zionism justifies the genocide of Palestinians to clear the way for Zionists. Today, televangelists, who make large profits supporting Israel, preach an apocalyptic future which threatens to be self-fulfilling. They think it will bring about Christ’s Parousia, but it will just bring about world wide pain, suffering, and destruction, with no benefits. Only then will foolish believers realize they have been conned, just as they did when Christ never returned at the previous millennium. That eventually led to the Reformation, the removal of interpretation rights from the Catholic priesthood, allowing everyone to read the bible for themselves. Now, an ignorant population of Protestants, who do not have the sense to read the Bible for themselves, have let a den of thieves take over their churches and become latter day priests. So, the whole charade has begun again.

Zionist Christians are not merely a religion, so can hardly claim religious immunities or, for that matter, tax exemptions, which are unconstitutional anyway. They have organized political lobbies such as Christians United for Israel (CUFI), an openly political cause. By weight of numbers, especially in being manipulated by the wealthy and cryptofascist TV and talk radio pundits, they have much influence over US foreign policy. These Christian groups encourage Jewish immigration to Israel by financial gifts some at least of which help Zionist settlers to expand illegally into Palestinian land on the West Bank, protected by a massive composite wall largely built on land that was even designated as Palestinian after the original wars of occupation.

Ms Obeidallah urges true Christians to fight back actively against this lethal false doctrine—one that has caused far more death and destruction than Islamic extremists like the Saudi prince, Osama bin Laden—by closely examining biblical history. A Biblical Literalist is not necessarily a Christian Zionist. A literal reading of the bible—one free of the political interpretations that are read into innocent words by greedy hate mongering pastors—refutes what these children of Satan seek to spread—extreme mischief! It is an effective way to rescue innocent, if naïve, Christians from the dangerous heresy of Christian Zionism.

Orthodox Jews reject Zionism

What Christian Zionists Don’t Know about Jewish History

God agreed a covenant with Abram—who became Abraham—whom modern day Jews, Christians and Moslems all revere as a patriarch. God promised Canaan (Palestine) to Abram and his descendants (Genesis 17:8). Later, in the Jewish scriptures, God makes the covenant with Abraham’s son Isaac, but in the Moslem version it is with Ishmael. One or the other was to have been sacrificed to God but Jews and Christians say it was Isaac, and Moslems say it was Ishmael. It might seem clear to Christians that the later writers of the Qur’an have changed the Jewish scriptures to suit themselves, but even granting this, God does not exclude Ishmael and his descendants from the original promise to Abraham of the land between the Nile and the Euphrates Rivers. Christian theologian Alfred Guillaume (1888-1965) addresses this point:

It is generally supposed that these promises were made to the Jews alone. However, this is not what the Bible says. The words “to thy seed” inevitably include Arabs, both Moslem and Christian, who can claim descent from Abraham through his first son, Ishmael. Ishmael was the reputed father of many Arab tribes…

Nor is the actual historical reason hard to find. The land in question is the Persian satrapy of Abarnahara which was never only Jewish, though the Jews had control of the temple. The Persians made reference to the different people to be found in the province. The specification of the Jews will have happened after the Persians had been defeated by the Macedonians, leaving the temple in the charge of the Jewish priests.

Christian Zionists base Jewish claims to Palestine on the false idea that they are directly and purely descended from the biblical Israelites, as members of a Jewish “race” rather than adherents to the religion of Judaism. Even the Zionist state recognizes it indirectly, because any convert to Judaism has the same legal right to emigrate to Israel, regardless of race. Intermarriage was prevalent early on. Isaac married Rebekah, so the Israelite lineage thereafter could not have been pure. Moses married the daughter of a Midianite, apparently an Arab tribe. Ruth was not originally Jewish but Moabite, and she is a direct ancestor of Jesus Christ, according to Matthew’s genealogy. Jacob’s youngest son, Joseph, married Asenath, daughter of Potipherah, an Egyptian priest, and her two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim adopted by Jacob became two of the tribes of Israel. None of this is at all paradoxical when Judaism is seen properly as the worship of Yehouah.

The tribes of Israel were to divide the land, but one tribe, the Levites, to whom Moses and Aaron had belonged, were to be a caste of priests and not entitled to land of their own. No Jew descended from a priest therefore has any right of ownership of land in Palestine. Two and a half tribes, those of Gad, Reuben, and half of Manasseh settled east of the Jordan River, in land now accepted as part of the Arab kingdom of Jordan. So far, Zionists have made no move to claim this land. No doubt they will!

The defeat of Judah by the Babylonians, in 597 BC, began the period of exile which ended when the Persians defeated Babylon and resettled Judah, now called Yehud, with settlers from Mesopotamia. This real event in the bible is called the “Return from Exile”. Those who returned had been taught an ethical religion based on the Persian religion, Zoroastrianism, and they were entrusted with setting up a temple to collect taxes and tariffs from the people of Abarnahara, to keep it safe until it was required by the Persian chancellery, and to serve as a priesthood for the new religion which was being spread throughout the Persian empire as a way of uniting a disparate empire. These were the priests of the Jewish religion, the congregation of which were the Yehudim, or Jews.

Biblical names and their biblical provenance are important to Zionists. Thus Craig Winn, author of Prophet of Doom writes quite unhistorically:

The name “Palestinian” was derived from the Roman Latinized name of the Philistines. The Assyrians murdered the last of the Philistines in 585 BC. There are therefore, no Palestinians alive today. There haven’t been for over 2,500 years.

The Philistines were one of the nations that lived in Abarnahara. They still lived in Abarnahara, even though the satrapy was set up by the Persians around two centuries after the date cited in this ignorant quotation. In any case, the Assyrians had been conquered by the Babylonians, and it must be Babylonians he means at the date he cites. By this time anyway, the Philistines—originally Greeks or other Mediterranean tribes—had lived in the area for 600 years or more and had become thoroughly assimilated with the surrounding people, mainly Canaanites, including the Israelites. It is far from clear that Philistines had not in this time mixed thoroughly with their immediate neighbors in the hill country, the Judahites. It is certain that Philistines could never have been wiped out. Their genes must still exist among people in the area, and among some who have emigrated elsewhere.

One of the biblical prophecies warped by Zionist Christians is:

…and in that day there shall be no more Canaanite in the house of Yehouah Sabaoth.

Zechariah 14:21b

This passage justifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. In the classification of people in the Jewish scriptures, the Canaanites were descended from Ham (African), not Shem, so were not Semitic and cannot be related to modern day Palestinian Arabs who are Semites. Moreover, the word read as “Canaanite”, is elsewhere read as “trader”, the sense of the whole passage being that eschatological Jerusalem would be a perfectly holy place, where commerce would not be appropriate.

Most importantly, though, is that the exclusion of one nation completely contradicts the whole of the meaning of the preceding passage, which is that all of the nations who were enemies of Israel would be scrambling to go to Jerusalem to make offerings to Yehouah Sabaoth. The Canaanites necessarily would be among them, so the exclusion is ridiculous, and any other reading is not only contrary to Christian principles, it is contrary to the triumphant sense of God’s victory after the eschatological battle. God has no need to encourage genocide, and both testaments of the bible explicitly forbid killing, and Christ urges mercy and loving kindness on to everyone, yet these deranged Christians—antiChristians, guided by their Satanic pastors— read the exact opposite of its plain meaning into it.

Christian Zionists have started to use the anniversary of the 11 September tragedy to accuse Moslems of celebrating the attacks. Traditional Christians ought to take back their faith by refuting the heresy of Christian Zionism and its racial and religious hatred. Christians who have read and accept Christ’s message of love seem too intimidated by the loud mouthed, unintelligent and threatened violence of the right wing Christians and their Christian Zionist coreligionists.

Written by mikemagee

21 August, 2010 at 9:18 pm

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  1. As a striving Christian and a supporter of Zionism I have no problem with your take on fundamentalist Christians and why they support Israel. I do not agree with their theology in any way shape or form. I support a secular democratic state for the Jewish people and know the most logical place for that is right where it is. To imagine otherwise is incredulous. I also support an independent Palestinian state that is secular and democratic and supports universal human rights for all. Guess what? This will never happen. To support the current PA state is to support a theocratic, fascists, racist and genocidal state ruled and created ONLY for so called straight male ISLAMISTS who seek to subjugate all others, murder with impunity those they hate or they disagree with and enslave ALL others. I support a free and deomocratic Jewish homeland and a decisive NO to FASCIST PALESTINIAN ISLAMISTS MURDERERS.


    15 October, 2011 at 8:42 pm

  2. @Mark

    You are not a Christian. You are a Jew worshiper. The Jewish state is murderous fascist regime that survives on the ethnic cleansing of an entire nation. It is the Zionist-Jews who are murderous thugs and terrorists not the people who defend their land against the take over from the Zionists psychopaths. The Jews are not God’s people. They are the nation that is as away from God as it gets. Israel and its American shabbos goyim are the biggest threat to world peace and a constant source of wars because of Israel’s “right to exist” at the expense of everyone else.


    15 October, 2011 at 9:21 pm

  3. Excellent article. I am a recovering Christian Zionist who is trying desperately to get the truth out about this destructive heresy. My voice is a undetectable whisper against the roar of heretics like John Hagee and his millions of followers, but I press on.


    21 December, 2011 at 6:02 pm

    • Hagee is a businessman and an opportunist who will sell, and probably has already sold, his soul to the devil. He is the exact opposite of a Christian as anyone who reads the teaching of Christ in the synoptic gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke, knows. The trouble with right wing American Christians is that they are, apparently unwittingly, Antichrists. Just how can a Christian preach the bombing of a whole nation, when Christians have been told by their God incarnate to love their enemies? Christian Zionists are extremely dangerous idiots, and if any of them believe in post mortem rewards for following Christ, they are necessarily damned. They do not teach or follow Christ so they get none of the rewards for doing it. It ought to scare them, as believers, so-called, but they are too idiotic and indoctrinated to notice.

      Mike Magee

      21 December, 2011 at 6:58 pm

    • Does everyone know about the Facebook group: Zion’s Christian Soldiers?
      It’s very encouraging to those who are on God’s side.

      Grace C. Moore

      7 June, 2012 at 5:33 pm

  4. The name Obeidallah in no way suggests a Moslem extraction. You are duped by the spelling. In fact it is a variant of a Jewish, that is, Hebrew, name, Obadaiah. Not that this proves anything regarding the person who bears the name, I mention it only for the sake of the truth.


    9 July, 2012 at 6:13 am

    • Just kidding. It is a variant of Ubaydullah, a Moslem name. In fact the Hebrew and the Arabic words are cognates.


      9 July, 2012 at 6:26 am

  5. Palistinian is the modernization of old name Phalistine. If you identify as Palistinian than you are acepting the mantal of the traditional antagonist. You may claim it through the title of Ishlemite but not palistinian.


    11 March, 2013 at 8:41 pm

  6. Peter J. Rubinstein
    Senior Rabbi
    Central Synagogue
    652 Lexington Avenue
    55th Street,
    New York City
    New York

    Shalom Rabbi,

    Don’t you think you’ve got chutzpah calling Christians anti-Semitic, when they criticize Talmudic Judaism? When was the last time you looked at the things that are written about Jesus of Nazareth in the Babylonian Talmud? Well, just in case you haven’t, I have gone to the bother and you can read all about it at your leisure.


    Many passages in the Talmudic books treat of the birth, life, death, and teachings of Jesus Christ. He is not always referred to by the same name, however, but is diversely called “That Man,” “A Certain One,” “The Carpenter’s Son,” “The One Who Was Hanged,” etc.

    Concerning the Names of Jesus Christ

    1. The real name of Jesus in Hebrew is Jeschua Hanotsri – Jesus the Nazarene. He is called Notsri from the city of Nazareth in which he was brought up. Thus in the Talmud Christians also are called Notsrim – Nazarenes.
    Since the word Jeschua means “Savior,” the name Jesus rarely occurs in the Jewish books. It is almost always abbreviated to Jeschu ,which is maliciously taken as if it were composed of the initial letters of the three words Immach Schemo Vezikro – “May his name and memory be blotted out.”
    2. In the Talmud Jesus is called Otho Isch – “That man,” i.e. the one who is known to all. In the tract Abhodah Zarah, 6a, we read:

    “He is called a Christian who follows the false teachings of that man, who taught them to celebrate the feast on the first day of the Sabbath, that is, to worship on the first day after the Sabbath”

    3. Elsewhere he is simply called Peloni – “A Certain One.” In Chagigah, 4b, we read:
    “Mary…the mother of a certain one, of whom it is related in Schabbath…” (104b)
    That this Mary is none other than the mother of Jesus will be shown later.

    4. Out of contempt, Jesus is also called Naggar bar naggar – “the carpenter son of a carpenter”, also Ben charsch etaim – “the son of a wood worker.”

    5. He is also called Talui – “The one who was hanged.” Rabbi Samuel, the son of Mair, in the Hilch. Akum of Maimonides, refers to the fact that it was forbidden to take part in the Christian feats of Christmas and Easter because they were celebrated on account of him who was hanged. And Rabbi Aben Ezra, in a commentary on Genes. also calls him Talui, whose image the Emperor Constantine reproduced on his banner. “…in the days of Constantine, who made a change of religion and placed the figure of the one who was hanged on his banner.”

    The Life of Jesus

    The Talmud teaches that Jesus was illegitimate and was conceived during menstruation; that he had the soul of Esau; that he was a fool, a conjurer, a seducer; that he was crucified, buried in hell and set up as an idol ever since by his followers.

    The following is narrated in the Tract Kallah, 1b:
    “Once when the Elders were seated at the Gate, two young men passed by, one of whom had his covered, the other with his head bare. Rabbi Eliezer remarked that the one in his bare head was illegitimate, a mamzer. Rabbi Jehoschua said that he was conceived during menstruation, ben niddah. Rabbi Akibah, however, said that he was both. Whereupon the others asked Rabbi Akibah why he dared to contradict his colleagues. He answered that he could prove what he said. He went therefore to the boy’s mother whom he saw sitting in the market place selling vegetables and said to her: “My daughter, if you will answer truthfully what I am going to ask you, I promise that you will be saved in the next life.” She demanded that he would swear to keep his promise, and Rabbi Akibah did so – but with his lips only, for in his heart he invalidated his oath. Then he said: “Tell me, what kind of son is this of yours”? To which she replied: “The day I was married I was having menstruation, and because of this my husband left me. But an evil spirit came and slept with me and from this intercourse my son was born to me.” Thus it was proved that this young man was not only illegitimate but also conceived during the menstruation of his mother. And when his questioners heard this they declared: “Great indeed was Rabbi Akibah when he corrected his Elders”! And they exclaimed: “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel who revealed his secret to Rabbi Akibah the son of Joseph”!

    2. That the Jews understand this story to refer to Jesus and his mother, Mary, is clearly demonstrated in their book Toldath Jeschu – “The Generations of Jesus” – where the birth of our Savior is narrated in almost the same words.

    Another story of this kind is narrated in Sanhedrin, 67a:

    “Of all who are guilty of death by the Law, he alone is caught by a ruse. How is it done? They light a candle in an inner room and place witnesses in an adjoining room outside where they can see him and hear his voice, but where they cannot be seen by him. Then the one whom he tried to seduce says to him “Please repeat here privately what you told me before.” If the seducer repeats what he said, the others ask him “But how shall we leave our God who is in heaven and serve idols?” If the seducer repents, then all is well.But if he says “This is our duty and it is right for us to do so,” then the witnesses outside, who have heard him, bring him before the judge and stone him to death. This is what they did to the son of Stadi in Lud, and they hanged him on the eve of the Passover. Forthis son of Stada was the son of Pandira. For Rabbi Chasda tells us that Pandira was the husband of Stada, his mother, and he lived during the time Paphus the son of Jehuda. But his mother was stada, Mary of Magdala (a ladies’ hairdresser) who, as it is said in Pumbadita, deserted her husband.”

    The meaning of this is that his Mary was called Stada, that is, a prostitute, because, according to what was taught at Pumbadita, she left her husband and commited adultery. This is also recorded in the Jerusalem Talmud and by Maimonides.
    That the mention here is of Mary, the mother of Jesus, is verified in the Tract Chagigah, 4b:

    “When Rabbi Bibhai was visited once by the Death Angel (the devil), the latter said to his assistant: “Go and bring to me Mary the hairdresser” (that is, kill her). He went and brought Mary the children’s hairdresser – in place of the other Mary.”
    A marginal note explains this passage as follows:
    “This story of Mary the Ladies’ hairdresser happened under the Second Temple. She was the mother of Peloni, “that man,” as he is called in the tract Schabbath.”

    In Schabbath the passage referred to says:

    “Rabbi Elizer said to the Elders: “Did not the son Stada practice Egyptian magic by cutting it into his flesh?” They replied: “He was a fool, and we do not pay attention to what fools do. The son of Stada, Pandra’s son, etc.” as above in Sanhedrin, 67a.
    This magic of the son of Stada is explained as follows in the book Beth Jacobh, fol. 127 a:
    “The Magi, before they left Egypt, took special care not to put their magic in writing lest other peoples might come to learn it But he devised a new way by which he inscribed it on his skin, or made cuts in his skin and inserted it there and which, when the wounds healed up, did not show what they meant.”

    Buxtorf says:

    “There is little doubt who this Ben Stada was, or who the Jews understood him to be. Although the Rabbis in their additions to the Talmud try to hide their malice and say that it is not Jesus Christ, their deceit is plainly evident, and many things prove that they wrote and understood all these things about him. In the first place, they also call him the son of Pandira. Jesus the Nazarene is thus called in other passages of the Talmud where express mention is made of Jesus the son of Pandira. St. John Damascene also, in his Genealogy of Christ, mentions Panthera and the Son of Panthera.

    “Secondly, this Stada is said to be Mary, and this Mary the mother of Peloni “that certain one,” by which without doubt Jesus is meant. For in this way they were accustomed to cover up his name because they were afraid to mention it. If we had copies of the original manuscripts they would certainly prove this. And this also was the name of the mother of Jesus the Nazarene.

    “Thirdly, he is called the Seducer of the People. The Gospels testify that Jesus was called this by the Jews, and their writings to this day are proof that they still call him by this name.

    “Fourthly, he is called “the one who was hanged,” which clearly refers to the crucifixion of Christ, especially since a reference to the time “on the eve of the Passover” is added, which coincides with the time of the crucifixion of Jesus. In Sanhedrin they wrote as follows: “On the eve of the Passover they hanged Jesus”

    “Fifthly, as to what the Jerusalem Talmud says about the two disciples of the Elders who were sent as witnesses to spy on him, and who were afterwards brought forward as witnesses against him: This refers to the two “false witnesses” of whom the Evangelists Matthew and Luke make mention.
    “Sixthly, concerning what they say about the son of Stada that he practiced Egyptian magical arts by cutting into his flesh: the same accusation is made against Christ in their hostile book Toldoth Jeschu.

    “Lastly, the time corresponds. For it is said that this son of Stada lived in the days of Paphus the son of Jehuda, who was a contemporary of Rabbi Akibah. Akibah, however, lived at the time of the Ascension of Christ, and for some time after. Mary is also said to have lived under the Second Temple. All this clearly proves that they secretly and blasphemously understand this son of Stada to be Jesus Christ the son of Mary.
    “Other circumstances may seem to contradict this. But that is nothing new in Jewish writings and is done on purpose so that Christians may not easily detect their trickery.”

    2. Furthermore, “In the secret books, which are not permitted to fall easily into the hands of Christians, they say that the soul of Esau came into Christ, that he was therefore evil and that he was Esau himself.”

    3. By some he is called a FOOL and INSANE
    In Schabbath, 104b:
    “They, [the Elders] said to him [Eliezer]: “He was a fool, and no one pays attention to fools.”

    In the infamous book Toldoth Jeschu, Jesus is blasphemed as follows:

    “And Jesus said: Did not Isaiah and David, my ancestors, prophesy about me? The Lord said to me, thou art my son, today I have begotten thee, etc. Likewise in another place: The Lord said to my Lord, sit thou at my right hand. Now I ascend to my father who is in heaven and will sit at his right hand, which you will see with your own eyes. But you, Judas, will never reach that high. Then Jesus pronounced the great name of God (IHVH) and continued to do so until a wind came and took him up between earth and sky. Judas also pronounced the name of God and he likewise was taken up by the wind. In this way they both floated around in the air to the amazement of the onlookers. Then Judas, again pronouncing the Divine Name, took hold of Jesus and pushed him down to earth. But Jesus tried to do the same to Judas and thus they fought together. And when Judas saw he could not win out over the works of Jesus he pissed on Jesus, and both thus being unclean they fell to earth; nor could they use the Divine name again until they had washed themselves.”

    Whether those who believe such devilish lies deserve greater hatred or pity, I cannot say.
    In another place in the same book it is related that in the house of the Sanctuary there was a stone which the Patriarch Jacob anointed with oil. On this stone were carved the tetragrammatic letters of the Name (IHVH), and if anyone could learn from them he could destroy the world. They therefore decreed that no one must learn them, and they placed two dogs upon two iron columns before the Sanctuary so that if anyone should learn them the dogs would bark at him coming out and he would forget the letters through fear. Then it is related: “Jesus came and entered, learned the letters and wrote them down on parchment. Then he cut into the flesh of his thigh and inserted them there, and having pronounced the name, the wound healed.”

    In the Tract Sanhedrin (103a) the words of Psalm XCI, 10: “No plague shall come near thy dwelling,” are explained as follows:
    “That thou mayest never have a son or a disciple who will salt his food so much that he destroys his taste in public, like Jesus the Nazarene.”
    To salt one’s food too much or to destroy one’s taste, is proverbially said of one who corrupts his morals or dishonors himself, or who falls into heresy and idolatry and openly preaches it to others.

    6. SEDUCER
    In the same book Sanhedrin (107b) we read:
    “Mar said: Jesus seduced, corrupted and destroyed Israel.”

    Finally as punishment for his crimes and impiety, he suffered an ignominious death by being hanged on a cross on the eve of the Passover (as we have seen above).

    The book Zohar, III, (282), tells us that Jesus died like a beast and was buried in that “dirt heap…where they throw the dead bodies of dogs and asses, and where the sons of Esau [the Christians] and of Ismael [the Turks], also Jesus and Mahommed, uncircumcized and unclean like dead dogs, are buried.”

    George El. Edzard, in his book Avoda Sara, quotes the following words of the commentator on the Hilkoth Akum (V,3) of Maimonides:
    “In many passages of the Talmud mention is made of Jesus the Nazarene and of his disciples, and that the Gentiles believe that there is no other God besides him. In the book Chizzuk Emunah, part I, ch. 36, we read: “The Christians build up an argument from this [Zachary XII, 10] and say: Behold how thew Prophet testified that in future ages the Jews would would lament and weep because they crucified and killed the Messiah who was sent to them; and to prove that he meant Jesus the Nazarene, possessing both the divine and human nature, they quote the words: And they looked upon him whom they transfixed and they wept over him as a mother over her first born child.””
    Maimonides attempts to prove how much Christians err in worshipping Jesus in his book Hilkoth Melakhim (IX, 4):

    “If all the things he did had prospered, if he had rebuilt the Sanctuary in its place, and had gathered together the dispersed tribes of Israel, then he would certainly be the Messiah….But if so far hew has not done so and if he was killed, then it is clear he was not the Messiah whom the Law tells us to expect. He was similar to all the good and upright rulers of the House of David who died, and whom the Holy and Blessed Lord raised up for no other reason but to prove to many, as it is said (in Dan. XI, 35): And some of them who understand shall fall, to try and to purge them and to make them white, even till the end of time, because the appointed time is not yet. Daniel also prophesised about Jesus the Nazarene who thought he was the Christ, and who was put to death by the judgment of the Senate: (Dan. V.14): …and the robbers of thy people shall exalt
    themselves to establish the vision; but they shall fail. What could be plainer? For all the Prophets said that the Christ would set Israel free, would bring it salvation, restore its dispersed peoples and confirm their laws. But he was the cause of the destruction of Israel and caused the rest of them to be dispersed and humiliated, so that the Law was changed and the greater part of the world was seduced to worship another God. Truly no one can understand the designs of the Creator, nor are his ways our ways. For all that has been built up by Jesus the Nazarene, and by the Turks who came after him, tend only to prepare the way for the coming of Christ the King, and to prepare the whole world equally for the service of the Lord, as it is said: For then I shall give a clean moth to all peoples that all may call upon the name of the Lord, and bow down in unison before him. How is this being accomplished? Already the whole world is filled with the praise of Christ, the Law and the Commandments, and his praises have spread to far distant lands and to peoples whose hearts and bodies are uncircumcized. These discuss with one another about the Law that was destroyed – some saying that the commandments were once true, but have ceased to exist; others that there is a great mystery about it, that the Messiah-King has come and that their doctrine has revealed it. But when the Christ truly comes and is successful, and is raised up and exalted, then everything will be changed and these things will be shown to be false and vain.”

    10. AN IDOL
    In the Tract Abhodah Zarah, (21a Toseph), we read:
    “It is of importance to inquire the reasons why men nowadays even sell and rent their houses to Gentiles. Some say this is legal because it is said in Tosephta: No one shall rent his house to a gentile either here [in the land of Israel] or elsewhere because it is known that he will bring an idol into it. It is nevertheless allowed to rent them stables, barns and lodging houses, even though it is known that they will bring idols into them. The reason is because a distinction can be made between a place into which an idol will be carried in order to leave it there permanently, and a place where it will not be left permanently, in which case it is allowed. And since the gentiles, among whom we now live, do not bring their idol into their homes to leave it there permanently, but only for a time – while someone is dead in the house or when someone is dying, nor do they even perform any religious rites there – it is therefore permitted to sell and rent them houses.”
    Rabbi Ascher, in his Commentary on Abhodah Zarah (83d) speaks not less clearly on this matter: “Today it is permitted to rent houses to Gentiles because they bring their idol into them only for a time, when somebody is sick.” And in the same place he says “Today they have a practice of incensing their idol.””
    All this, and much more like it, proves beyond a doubt that when the Rabbis speak of the idols of the Gentiles among whom they lived at that time, when no idols were worshipped, they clearly meant the Christian “idol,” namely, the image of Christ on the crucifix.

    Note About The Cross

    In Jewish writings there is no directly corresponding word for the Christian Cross. The cross T on which those condemned to death were crucified, was called Tau by the Phoenicians and the Hebrews, and this name and sign for it was afterwards taken over into the alphabet of the Jews and of the Greeks and the Romans. The Cross honored by the Christians, however, is called by the following names:
    1. Tsurath Haattalui – the image who was hanged.
    2. Elil – vanity, idol.
    3. Tselem – image. Hence the Crusaders in Jewish books are called Tsalmerim (ein Tsalmer)
    4. Scheti Veerebh – warp and woof, which is taken from the textile art.
    5. Kokhabh – star; on account of the four rays emanating from it.
    6. Pesila – a sculpture, a carven idol.
    But whenever it is mentioned it is always in the sense of an idol or of something despicable, as can be seen from the following quotations:
    In Orach Chaiim, 113,8:
    “If a Jew when praying should meet a Christian [Akum] carrying a star [a crucifix] in his hand, even if he has come to a place in his prayer where it is necessary to bow down to worship God in his heart, he must not to so lest he should seem to bow down before an image.”

    In Iore Dea, 150,2:

    “Even if a Jew should get a splinter in his foot in front of an idol, or if he should drop his money before it, he must not stoop down to remove the splinter or to gather his money lest he should seem to adore it. But he should either sit down or turn his back or his side to the idol and then remove the splinter.”
    But whenever it is not possible for a Jew to turn away like this, the following rule must be observed (in Iore Dea, 3, Hagah):

    “It is not permitted to bow down or to remove one’s hat before princes or priests who wear a cross on their dress, as is their custom. Care must be taken, however, not to be noticed in failing to do so. For instance, one can throw some coins on the ground and stoop down to pick them up before they pass by. In this way it is permitted to bow down or to remove one’s hat before them.” A distinction is also made between a cross which is venerated and a cross which is worn around the neck as a souvenir or as an ornament. The former is to be regarded as an idol, but not necessarily the latter. In Iore Dea, 141, 1, Hagah, it says:

    “The image of a cross, before which they bow down, is to be treated as an idol, and it is not to be used until it is destroyed. However, a ‘warp and woof’ if hung around the neck as a souvenir is not to be regarded as an idol and can be used.”
    The sign of the cross made with the hand, by which Christians are wont to bless themselves, is called in Jewish “the moving of the fingers here and there” (hinc et hinc).

    The Teachings of Jesus Christ

    The Seducer and Idolator could teach nothing but falsehood and heresy which was irrational and impossible to observe.

    In Abhodah Zarah (6a) it says:
    “A Nazarene is one who follows the false teachings of that man who taught them to worship on the first day of the Sabbath.”

    2. HERESY
    In the same book Abohah Zar. (Ch.I, 17a Toseph) mention is made of the heresy of James. A little further on (27b) we learn that this James was none other than the disciple of Jesus:
    “…James Sekhanites, one of the disciples of Jesus, of whom we spoke in chapter 1.”
    But James taught, not his own doctrine, but that of Jesus.

    The author of Nizzachon argues as follows on this point:
    “A written law of the Christians is: If a Jew strike you on one cheek, turn the other also to him and do not in any way return the blow.And ch. VI, v. 27 says: Love your enemies; do good to them who hate you; bless them who curse you and pray for those who do you harm; unto him who strikes you on one cheek offer him the other. To him who takes away thy cloak do not forbid him to take thy coat also, etc. The same is found in Matthew ch. V, v.39. But I have never seen any Christian keep this law, nor did Jesus himself behave as he taught others to do. For we find in John ch XVIII, v22, that when someone struck him on the face, he did not turn the other cheek, but became angry on account of this one stroke and asked “Why do you strike me”? Likewise in the Acts of the Apostles, ch.XXIII, v. 3, we read: that when the High Priest ordered them that stood by to strike him on the mouth, Paul did not turn the other cheek; he cursed him saying “God shall smite thee thou whited wall, etc.” This is contrary to their beliefs and destroys the foundation upon which their religion rests, for they boast that the law of Jesus is easy to observe. If Paul himself, who may be called the Dispenser of Jesus, could not preserve the precept of Jesus, who among the others who believe in him can prove to me that he can do so?”
    The author, however, who had the Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles under his hand, could not have failed to understand in what sense Christ commanded his followers to turn the other cheek to him who would strike them, since in another place he commanded his followers to cut off a hand or an arm, and to pluck out an eye if these should scandalize them. No one who has had the least acquaintance with the Holy Scriptures ever thought that these commands should be taken literally. Only deep malice and ignorance of the times in which Jesus lived can explain why the Jews, even to this day, use these passages to detract from the teachings of Jesus Christ.

  7. NOWHERE does Jesus or any apostle command Christians to support the political entitity called the State of Israel, or provide armaments to ENABLE them to wage war on poor Palestinians. The enabler is just as guilty as the guy who pulls the trigger. which Jesus are Christian Zionists (a contradiction in terms) serving?

    Patricia Backora

    28 July, 2014 at 3:00 pm

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