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Baby Boomee Retirers to Discuss Experiences with Researchees

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I just read:

Researchers Leisa Sargent and Paul Evans are calling for recent baby boomer retirees to discuss their experiences.

Just why are the retiring people called retirees and not retirers, and the booming generation called baby boomers and not baby boomees? Why, indeed, is this silly construction “-ees” used at all, except where the person being described could be either delivering or receiving some action. If it is to be more generally used, why are the two workees who made the call here not researchees? When people do research, they are researchers, sure enough, and when people have retired, equally surely they are retirers, not retirees, just as those who like adventures are adventurers, those who announce TV shows are TV announcers, cowboys are horse riders not horse ridees, and people who have escaped from somewhere are escapers not escapees!

Where does it end? Will people competing become competitees, people dining become dinees, people walking become walkees?

Maybe I am typing into a computee!

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12 October, 2010 at 1:26 am

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