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Who are the Aliens? Communists or Capitalists?

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Kyle Munkittrick at Science not Fiction at Discovery Blogs wrote a piece, “We Need Gattaca to Prevent Skynet and Global Warming” about apocalyptic films featuring Independence Day, and The Day the Earth Stood Still, among others. Munkittrick writes that:

Every apocalyptic film seems to trade on the idea that there will be some lone super-genius to figure out the problem.

Jeff Golblum plays the role in Independence Day, an updating of the War of the Worlds by H G Wells. Professor Barnhardt is the hero in The Day the Earth Stood Still. Independence Day combines Wells with the Night of the Living Dead, another film typical of a genre of apocalyptic films. Wells was writing a prevision of the forthcoming clash of “civilizations” in the First World War, but the Zombie style movies were meant to encapsulate the prevalent fear in the US of communism, as propagated by Senator McCarthy. The fateful disease that took away people’s minds and their humanity, turning them into cannibalistic zombies was meant to be communism. Curious, then, that when the communist threat evaporated, a new disease arose called Islamic terrorism. The US always has to have its horrific external disease to keep its own people zombified.

Munkittrick said:

The message in both versions of The Day the Earth Stood Still is that humanity’s greatest existential threat is itself.

And indeed we can now see that the zombies or aliens were not particularly communists or Islamists but are just a metaphor for ourselves. We will do the destroying, and why, because western society is built on the antisocial principles of capitalism. Surely it is obvious. Our characteristics are those of a social animal, and that is why we have an instinct to be moral. Morality is simply caring for and sharing with others — “Do unto others as you would be done by”. Yet capitalism fosters dog eat dog, might is right, selfishness is natural, and greed is a blessing of God. These are the characteristics of the solitary animal, and even the solitary mother loves her infant. Social animals are supposed to love each other.

That, incidentally, is the teaching of Christianity, and America constantly boasts it is a Christian nation, when in terms of practice, as opposed to wishful thinking, it transparently is not. Even more paradoxically, the American political system buried socialism and communism, when they at least were attempting to bring the importance of human society to the forefront. Yep, the aliens are among us, but they are not the commies, they are the greedy and selfish accumulators of all our social assets, the bankers and financiers swapping their wealth here and there as long as it keep growing, and too bad for the rest of us. They are the ones in the spaceships, and the ones who need to be given a cold by some Goldblum-like genius.

Written by mikemagee

13 November, 2010 at 1:38 am

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  1. obvious, commies went to space first so they are alien to earth since space draws upon ET more than upon earthling, the orthodox church, the symbol “chi-rho”(xp) was an asteroid exploding near earth during the war between eastern and western roman empire, when the eastern romans saw the asteroid exploding and leaving the shape of chi-rho greek letter coinciding, they drew the same symbol upon their shields and conquered western roman empire, the orthodox church is the origin of the communist russia(one of the derranged russian orthodox monks planned the idea of killing the Tzar his name was Rasputin-get-it-Putin-is-trying-to-undo-Rasputin. But yes basically communism/Russia/Constantinople/orthodoxy is one and the same thing; a means to contacting God(who isnt on Earth)/unless you consider jews as part of God. the problem is Islam, the people of Islam seem to be working toward severing the link between God and Earth which predominantly leaves Earth to abyss/black-hole. Now that the muslims have constantinople its all the worse since Earth is bound to doom, where the eastern roman empire belief was actually the means to escape to other galaxies and the belief in Islam ties Earth not just to milky-way but also to the nearest black hole since its even obvious that Arabic script is of curvature or a slow descent into a black hole. the only contradiction is the commies/russians had blue eyes just like the vikings where the vikings later became englishmen/Americans not just Ukrainians and Russians. Basically speaking, the bastards are the blue-eyed ones, native americans all had non-blue-eyes/brown/black/etc…I got brown eyes so i am of mediterranean origin since i am not muslim

    Maksim Burakhovich

    12 March, 2013 at 3:16 am

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