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Why do Christians Treat Paul as if He were God?

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I do not profess to be a Christian, but I can read fairly well, and can understand most things I need to. Yet my understanding of Christian belief is that Christ is God incarnate. When Christ speaks, it is God speaking, so Christ’s words are God’s words. Doesn’t that mean they ought to carry particular weight when deciding what Christians should believe?

Christians might say that the whole bible is God’s word, so all of it has to be taken into account, but that makes no sense, because it reduces the words, deeds and commandments of Christ to being no more than those of Paul of Tarsus, or anyone else whose words and deeds are reported.

Christianity is so called because Christians believe Christ is God, not that Paul is God. Why then do Christians treat Paul as if he were God, and prefer his words over whatever Christ said. Christ was clear about how the Christian was saved, but few Christians bother about that. Instead they follow what Paul said. They are ignoring God and believing Paul who was merely a man.

If Christians truly are Christian, then, surely, they must follow what God in the bodily form of Christ told them, and whenever Paul contradicts it, Paul is wrong, not God. Indeed, when Paul contradicts Christ, he is being an Antichristian, not a Christian. Most Christians are actually Antichristians because they follow the Antichrist, Paul, who persuades them that their own God, Christ is wrong.

Written by mikemagee

19 November, 2010 at 8:48 pm

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