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Why are So Many Christians Losing their Faith?

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A series of short comments by various professional religionizers at ReligionBlog at Dallas News, attempts to explain why so many Christians are losing their faith. Only two of them mention the loss of core Christian values by the various denominations. Maybe there would be a lot more Christians if the ones there are actually followed Christian morals. Christianity has strayed from Christ’s moral code… if, indeed, it ever had it—for Christ was certainly not a Christian!

The excuse is that Christianity has had to adapt to social change, an argument that assumes morality to be purely arbitrary—in short, relativism, something Christians are supposed to abhore. Yet human morality has evolved with the evolution of social animals. For a solitary animal, notably those that just lay eggs and leave them to their own devices, only sexual attraction distinguishes animals of the same species from any other. Any other animal is a potential rival, prey or predator. Animals that live socially must have morals! They have to have sufficient “regard” for the others in their group to allow the social group to cohere, and that “regard”, however it manifests, is morality—it is absent in relationships between solitary animals.

Religion began as that aspect of human culture that strengthened group living, and therefore morality. The human animal has the need for morality above all other animals because its societies are all the more complex, and because we are aware of morality, and have codified it to an extent. The codification of aspects of morality can change with time and place, but the core of human morality is an instinct bred into us to preserve the societies upon which we now depend for our very humanity. Regretably, religion introduced spurious additional functions and purposes, confusing its core aims.

Now it has has been made an excuse for capitalism, and, particularly in the USA, the protector and defender of it and its antisocial ideology of right wing libertarianism, promoted by neoconservative “pastors”, who know nothing of Christianity or history and sociology, like David Barton. Christ didn’t have a dime. He had to ask to borrow one to show the crowd Caesar’s head on it. Ministers today do not ask for pennies, they own TV stations and ask on them for thousand dollar donations to make them richer than they already are. And people send them the money, thinking it is Christian charity! Then the unscrupulous ministers claim God has made them rich as proof of His blessing, though God blessed His own Son with poverty.

It is hardly surprising that many want no part of this corrupt pseudo capitalist apology of a Christianity. Real Christians are leaving, or not joining in the first place, leaving the ones still within the ranks of Christianity as fools or fakes. Only they think greed is good, that God rewards liars, and that it is Christian to murder our fellow innocent human beings, thousands of miles away, in God’s name as acts of arbitrary vengeance.

Supposed Christian confidence tricksters betray themselves by rarely citing the words of God uttered from his own lips when he incarnated on earth because they stand for a morality that they abhore—the morality of helping others, not tricking them out of their own possessions and killing them. Instead they go back to the Old Testament for justification in the earlier and more barbaric image of God of more primitive times and peoples.

Christ taught an altogether different God from the vengeful ogre of the Jewish scriptures. The Christian God is a God of love. Christians are therefore meant to love others. Only a remnant does. Now the whole Jewish saga—for the large number of Christians who have not read it—was one of the mass straying from God’s law of the Chosen People—the Jews—and their suffering exile and destruction as a punishment. All but the remnant who remained righteous. They were preserved.

All those right wing authoritarian “Christians” baying for blood and revenge, while thinking they are saved just for their so-called faith, should really make sure they understand their bible first, and not just what their money grubbing pastors—priests of the Antichrist—tell them. The Antichristian pastors feed the lambs what they want to hear, not what Christ taught—salvation is easy, just have faith, greed is ok and riches are God given, and murderous revenge is only human. Christ taught salvation was hard, it was not only a matter of faith but required effort and will, the poor not the rich are blessed by God, and judgement is God’s prerogative only.


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