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Is the Right Wing Plot Against Evolution or the USA?

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“Attacking people who believe that the world was created in exactly six days and that the theory of evolution is false is hardly taking a swipe at the representative views of the majority of Christians.”

What is the representative view of the majority of Christians? Even Anglicans, doubtless among the most sensible and civilized of Christian sects until it got taken over by the Evangelicals, believe that a man was raised from the dead and that proves he was the son of God, and indeed God too in one of the mysteries of the religion. The cranks in Europe are few because Europe is largely secular these days, even countries like Ireland and Italy now being largely secular, and Poland is probably heading the same way.

The cranks in the US are many, and even though they might be a minority, they are a very large, wealthy and influential minority. A few years back, a Baylor survey showed that the majority belief in the US is in an authoritarian God, and 40% of young people believe in him. This authoritarian God has views that are amazingly like those of the Republican party. Well, that or the Republican Party is now full of cranks.

The authoritarian God, according to Republican presidential candidate, Michelle Bachmann, denies He has had anything to do with evolution. He supports the teaching of intelligent design in public school science classes according to Congresswoman Bachmann, well, “evolution is a theory that has never been proven one way or the other”, has it? And there is even debate among scientists as to whether evolution is a fact or not… “There are hundreds and hundreds of scientists, many of them holding Nobel Prizes, who believe in intelligent design.” And what about this: she is a member of the “House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence”, and a keen supporter of the Tea Party.

Intelligence? Can these people really be so dumb? How does the greatest and most powerful country in the world manage to elect people like this? In particular, is there no way to unelect them when they show us what’s actually been elected?

Is it all really a right wing plot against the USA, a way of destroying the country so that the megarich 1% who own half of the country can grab the other half of its assets and invest them in India and China. It’s what they are doing slowly anyway, so why not go the whole hog, destroy the place and skip off east with the money running ahead of them in electronic transfers. “Bye, bye, Christian dupes, and thanks a bundle”

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Written by mikemagee

21 June, 2011 at 12:00 am

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