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The Essence of Morality

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Ultimately how do you judge what is moral? If morals are supernatural gifts from God, when we are faced with a novel dilemma, we have no way of judging what is the moral way to act. Either God has given us the gift of moral judgement, or He has not—we are good or we are wicked through the grace of God, and our choices depend on that. If, on the other hand, morality is devised by humans living together to provide individual security, then the moral act is the one that causes least harm, or does more good, for other people. A terrorist throws a bomb into a restaurant. He is plainly immoral. He is harming innocent people for his own personal reasons. A waiter falls on to the bomb, smothering the blast with his own body. He dies but saves twenty others. He is a hero. It is an obvious and extreme case, but the morality of it is that, though the waiter lost his own life, he saved all those others. The most extreme such case is that of Christ, whom Christians say died to save the whole of humanity! So, morality is the welfare of other people in society. The instinct is to preserve oneself. That is what a solitary animal would do. The moral animal tries to save others, tries to be a Christ!


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Written by mikemagee

22 June, 2011 at 9:13 pm

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  1. Hiya mike. Thought your title might have read the essenes of morality! Using the mythical notion of christ to communicate metaphorically I see! Well in the pragmatics of communication needs is must. However to personalize morality in this way eludes the fundamental cosequential nature of it. By evaluating consequences of actions individuals and cultures derive their moral framework which as you will note is culturally determined. This is why both the bomber and the smotherer can be considered to have performed moral acts by different cultural perspectives. Unfortunately these human niceties have no counterpart in the world of microbes from which we derive our beings, and certainly no discernible conception within the photonic quantum foam which we call space and from which all possibilities condense.

    Delighting in you sam


    28 December, 2007 at 1:20 am

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