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So Atheists aim for heaven on earth, do they?

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I read in a right wing blog atheists believe that without religion there would be no war, no Irish troubles, no 9/11, no Arab/Israeli conflict, no invasion of Iraq—no troubles at all. Apparently, atheists want to abolish religion to get heaven on earth. He cites Richard Dawkins. It is an argument you could use against anything. You object to corporate fraud then you are just trying to get heaven on earth. Campaign to stop people trafficking—the same. Want to stop our youth from murdering each other by making the carrying of a weapon a serious crime with serious consequences, there you go, lefties always wanting heaven on earth. Inasmuch as we live in a civilized society it is because people have campaigned for it and against primitive and barbaric customs over the course of history. Are the right wing wanting us to return to hell on earth, to savage society? Presumably not, though the argument is the equal of their own idiotic one. Ideas like paradise are religious ideas anyway, so how could an atheist be planning to achieve them? Atheists like Dawkins bring a lot of evidence, 9/11 and so on included, to show that religion is the cause of a great deal of avoidable trouble in the world. Idiotic conservative rants do not refute the case. It just makes the right wing look typically boorish and brainless.

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Written by mikemagee

1 February, 2008 at 8:05 pm

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