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Was Jesus an Essene?

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An Essene Leader Proselytizing Jews Worried about God's day of vengeance

The evidence is too scrambled and distorted with age and intention to sort out the certain truth, so we have to find the best hypothesis. It is that, if Jesus was historical, he was a senior Essene. The scrolls say that when the End approaches (the apocalypse) the Essenes must try to bring into their fold as many righteous Jews as they can. Essenes considered themselves as the righteous Jews, so it meant finding Jews willing to join them in view of the impending day of God’s Vengeance. To do so, the Jews willing to had to repent with sincerity and not sin until the kingdom came (the apocalyse again). So Essenes had to go out as evangelists proselytizing ordinary Jews.

Leading Jews were highly conscious of the uncleanliness of the unrighteous mass, but they were required to be humble, so the duty of proselytizing fell upon the senior Essenes above all. The gospels are versions of the attempt of the leaders, John the Baptist, Jesus and then James the Righteous, with Jesus central for Christians, to convert Jews to their cause. Jesus plainly expected the End when he and his apostles were in the Garden of Gethsemane. The End did not come, and Jesus was crucified as a usurper of the emperor’s right to rule. Essenes removed his body for a decent burial according to Essenic tradition, but the followers, converts, not lifelong Essenes, thought he had arisen. Thus began Christianity. This reconstruction has the advantage of accounting for the data without requiring God’s intervention.


Written by mikemagee

19 August, 2012 at 9:41 pm

Listen You Christians!

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You Christians question why I call Christians liars, but you cannot show me why what you say is true… any of it. It is all considered self evident, even though it is rather incoherent. Why should I believe any of it? You want to assure me it is true, but you are Christians, and Christians are liars. Unless you can show me why all this should be believed, then you are a liar. You are telling me that something you do not know is true and cannot show is true is true!

You say Christians are innocent of being liars because they do as their pastors tell them. Why is that an excuse for lying. Are their pastors lying? In my view, if pastors are teaching Christians wrongly, then it is either out of their own ignorance, or it is deliberate. if the latter, they are then lying. If Christians are meant to search and study to find out what is true, then they should do it. What stops them?

How do you know that I haven’t searched and studied but found out that it is all nonsense? You assume that by searching and studying we shall find out that all your stream of fantasy is true, but search and study is more likely to show us that it is all wrong. That is why pastors and priests are liars. They know that anyone who seriously searches and studies will find out that Christianity is lies. Nothing upholds it other than the determination to believe it whatever else might be true. That is considered utterly praiseworthy by the Christian liars, the priests and pastors, because they know it is an absolute barrier to proper searching and studying. Faith means that whatever the searching and studying finds out will be rejected unless it matches the tenets of a preconceived faith.

You Christians like to list things as being unequivocally true, but how do you know they are true? Are you God? You are simply relating something that you read in a book, or perhaps only heard from a priest or pastor. How do you know it is true unless you are God Himself? You do not know. The book might have been written by a devil, but you believe what someone, priest, pastor or parent told you, and they had themselves learnt it from the same types of people. So, none of you know what you are telling others is true. You believe it is true. You have faith it is true, but you do not know it is true. You are all therefore liars. You will see that I try to explain why I call Christians liars, but you cannot tell me why they are not. You cannot give me any sound assurance that your stream of assertions is true. If any of it is, then it is purely by accident that you are telling the truth about those bits, but you have no idea which are the true bits of your assertions and which are false. It is better in such circumstances to take it as all false.

You Christians politely offer to explain what you say I cannot understand. What would be the point of my asking you questions about your falsehoods. All I will get is more falsehoods. You seem certain that God will punish me, and you will be rewarded. What makes you so sure about that? Any God worth His salt will never accept lies or those who tell them. The very basis of goodness is truth and honesty. Christians cannot be relied upon to be either, and they certainly cannot be so relied upon in their own beliefs, because that is all they are… beliefs… unfounded beliefs, simply accepted as being true to justify yourselves. Yet the Devil has all the best tunes, the old saying has it, and you have no idea you are not singing them for him. Hatred can be no part of a good God, but your God hates Jews, and so do you. You may deny it, but Christianity has always thought so.

People might relate untruth simply because they are ignorant, but it is no reason to believe them in their assertions. And no Christian will be corrected. They are ignorant, but are certain from their faith that they are right. They therefore remain liars, and your defence of them is again false. You say Christ was God but do not say why you are so certain, simply giving interminable quotes from the book you take to be true without examination. The book could as easily, more easily, be false than true, and could more easily have been written by wicked men than by God. Such considerations do not impress you, but to ignore them is again to be spreading lies, spreading stories that you simply do not know are true, and that are more likely to be false, as if they were unquestionably true.

Repeatedly you say things are so as if you were God Himself, for only a God could know it. You are presumptious, are you not, to assert what only God knows. Then you tell blatant lies, depending on other people’s trust in you as a supposedly honest Christian and their ignorance of the bible, to say that the scripture affirms that Jesus was not a false prophet, when the scripture does the exact opposite. The false prophet prophesies that which is not true, that which does not happen, and that, the scripture plainly tells us, is what a false prophet is. Jesus said the kingdom of God would happen within a generation, and that then he would return at his parousia. It did not happen, and it does not suffice to say that it will yet happen when it was prophesied two thousand years ago. Plainly God in the Old Testament said that the false prophet would be judged in his own lifetime because they would know within that lifetime the man was a fake, and could punish him. Jesus was a fake. He said he would return. He has not returned. He is a false prophet according to Deuteronomy. That is one reason why Jews will not accept him as their messiah.

You even make your own God into a liar by distinguishing what God said in the Jewish scripture and what he allegedly said as Christ in the Christian scripture. In one of these scriptures, God must be a liar Himself. If Jesus is not a false prophet then an omnipotent God is a liar for defining a false prophet in a way that includes Jesus. If God appeared as a man claiming to be God, then God was lying when He said over and over again in Isaiah that He alone was the saviour. Why would he have been so insistent in Isaiah that He alone could save and claim to be the saviour? Obviously because dishonest and deranged men often claim to be God—they still do! All such men were not the saviour, were not God, and only God could save. Men who claimed otherwise were dangerous crooks or madmen. It is surely obvious, but not to Christians who would rather make out that God was an idiot ignoring His own words and appeared on earth as a man, Jesus, claiming to be a messiah, a son of God.

You tell us God made the ultimate sacrifice, meaning that he allowed Himself to be killed on the cross. But only the human form of God was killed. God was never in any such danger, was He? So how was this charade an ultimate sacrifice? If God really was the ultimate sacrifice, then He is now dead! In fact, a man died for claiming to be a king of the Jews. The Jews thought only God was their king, so this man was claiming to be God. He was doing what God had forbidden, so could not have been God, could he? Jews rejected the claim, but Christians accepted it. You Christians claim you are right, making God a liar, while boasting you tell the truth. Why should I believe you contrary to the evidence? I should not, unless I were an idiot. Christians are liars, but there are a lot of idiots around. They become a new generation of Christians.

Thanks for offering to teach me, but, for me, adding lies to lies cannot make a truth. Try reading the AskWhy! pages. They might help you to see sense, but I cannot imagine you ever will.

Written by mikemagee

24 April, 2010 at 1:25 am