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Mary Magdalene

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Ben Witherington makes these statements in his blog about the Jesus Family Tomb book. He is a professional Christian and is complaining about the facts offered by the authors, Charles Pellegrino and Simcha Jacobivici, a pair of ancient history sensationalists out to make money. Yet this tiny part of the professional Christian response is just as mendacious. How does he know all the early Christians in Jerusalem spoke only Aramaic, and had no Greek? Since this country had been in the Greek sphere of influence for over three centuries, it seems most unlikely. If they did speak only Aramaic, it was a deliberate choice, not because they had no Greek. As for Mary Magdalene growing up in a Jewish fishing village called Migdal, this is pure invention. No one knows what “Magdalene” means, and so it is pure conjecture that it refers to any town. If it refers to Migdal at all, it could be translated as “Mary the Tower”, implying her fortitude, or even her towering stature.

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The earliest Jewish Christians in Jerusalem, including the members of Jesus’ family and
Mary Magdalene, did not speak Greek. They spoke Aramaic. We have
absolutely no historical evidence to suggest Mary Magdalene would have
been called by a Greek name before A.D. 70. She grew up in a Jewish
fishing village called Migdal, not a Greek city at all.

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Written by mikemagee

5 March, 2007 at 7:25 pm