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Catholic Church to Lose Historic Property Tax Exemption in Italy

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The Santa Brigida convent in Piazza Farnese run as a bed and breakfast

In December 2011, after new austerity measures were adopted in the country, 130,000 Italians signed an online petition urging the government to strip the Church of its tax exemption. The move could net Italy revenues of 500 million to 2 billion euros annually, municipal government associations said. The figure is 6 billion euros a year according to UAAR, the Italian Humanist Association. The extra income from previously exempt properties in Rome alone, including hotels, restaurants and sports centers, could reach 25.5 million euros a year, La Repubblica daily newspaper reported.

Marco Catalano, a 35 year old shopkeeper in Rome, who goes to church twice a month, told the New York Times:

It was time that they paid, too, with all the exemptions they’ve had throughout the years. They own the most beautiful buildings in downtown Rome, on Italian soil, and rent them out at market prices. They don’t give them for free or at low prices for charity.

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14 October, 2012 at 12:02 am

Obama the Commie?

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Entering his rallies to the tune of Rocky, John McCain was telling the US electorate that his rival and now President elect, Barack Obama, would bring socialism into the White House. McCain, a peculiarly amiable man for a Republican presidential candidate, seems to think the whole US electorate are as pea brained as his keenest supporters.

Socialism requires the commanding heights of the economy, like the banks, to be publicly owned, not just publicly subsidized. The disastrous Bush-Cheney policies of the last eight years almost brought the administration to the point of taking over the commanding heights, but, though falling short, came closer to bringing in socialism than any liberal administration dare! And if the Republicans can find a use for socialism, then shouldn’t Americans begin to think it is not as gruesome as it is portrayed.

Republican supporters are so empty headed and closed minded that they still, despite the Bush years of economic negligence, indulgence, and crookery, cannot see that capitalism needs regulating, and properly regulating capitalism is not socialism but correct governance—it is just that fat cat Republicans do not want regulating. They want to do just as they like, and that is not necessarily, or even likely, to be the best for the nation as a whole.

Shouting, “Obama’s a commie!” can only cheer up the rip off crowd of gangsters, banksters and arms dealers that own America. The denigration of socialists and communists is a tactic meant to keep Joe the plumber and other ordinary Joes hating each other instead of regulating the mega rich. Anyone who wants fairness or progress are labeled commies and socialists and thus discredited, when they are the people America needs to resolve the problems the Political Right has brought over many decades.

You need not be a Marxist to benefit from reading Marx, any more than you need to be a Christian to benefit from reading the gospels. Marxism is often called a Christian heresy, heretical not because it rejects the practical teaching of Christ, but because it has been diluted in miracles and supernaturalism. Like it or not, on practical matters, both are concerned that human society continues to neglect and abandon the poor and the meek. Republicans are fond of identifying themselves with Christianity, but they have no compassion for the poor, only contempt, whereas Christ had deep sympathy for them, and remained poor himself, not even having a place to rest his head.

Obama seems as indoctrinated by the modern evangelical distortions of Christianity as the McCain supporter, but, if he has read some Marx, he will understand the causes of poverty today, and that does not make him wicked. There is nothing unChristian about the redistribution of wealth. The apostles did it themselves as a condition of being a follower of Christ, holding all things common. Later Christians were encouraged to help the poor by giving them alms, because the poor, as “The Blessed”, were received immediately into heaven, and would put in a good word for the rich who had helped them in life. The modern rich have obscene wealth while, even in the US, people like the poor of New Orleans, after Katrina, are left destitute and uncared for.

The typical Republican does not understand the fundamentals of capitalism itself, let alone a more caring social system. Capitalism requires money to be circulated not hoarded by a few disgustingly wealthy men and their families. The rich do not need to spend any new dollar they get, but the poor have no choice. Extra money given to the poor therefore circulates. They spend their extra dollar in small shops and local supermarkets, so the local suppliers and small businesses benefit. Money doled out is never wasted. It always lifts the small supplier and they source their businesses in the bigger supplier. In the end the rich also get better off! In economics, it is called the multiplier. Every dollar given to the poor in a recession is the equivalent of five or ten dollars to the economy. If the rich spend their dollar, it will be on villas abroad, foreign fashion houses, costly jewels, or yachts, and Joe will see nothing of it, unless he’s particularly lucky.

A CEO said in the election:

The worst thing for the markets would be Obama getting assassinated. The second worst think would be McCain getting elected.

Well, Obama got elected, and he and his advisors face the worst imaginable economic conditions. The US federal deficit has gone from modest after the prudence of the last Democratic administration to catastrophic after eight Republican years—one $trillion guestimated for 2009, and the banks have already been propped up to the tune of $trillions. Republicans bail out rich banksters with public money while accusing Democrats of being socialists!

The country needs a fraction of that money made available to the poor, enterprise organizations in poor districts, and small businesses everywhere to put money in at the roots and get the poor working. A tax on obscene wealth would pay for it, so the average American can only benefit. Instead of being insulated from downturns, the wealthy will get a vested interest in avoiding them, because they will have to pay for the recovery. When businesses start to recover, when they start to do well, the shareholders do well too, and so the wealthy get repaid by the success of the lower levels of the economy! This is not communism! It is a New Deal!

New Deal worked! New Deal is Obama’s promise—tax cuts to couples earning below $25000. McCain would have given them nothing! Couples on $500,000 pay $6000 a year to help the nation—just over 1% of their income. The mega rich on £5,000,000 and above pay only 5%, hardly a crippling amount for them, now is it? And they get it all back in the upturn. What is sinful about that? Christ almighty would have thought it too timid. McCain promised a tax cut of $125000 a year for the top 1% of dollar earners. Obama wants to tax them an extra $20,000 dollars. “Give all ye have to the poor”, Christ said, so the wealthy are getting off very lightly, indeed.

An even better way to pay for the recovery and to lower the deficit would be by cutting the military budget. The present war has allegedly cost $3 trillion! How can the country afford trillions for banksters and $trillions more for weapons manufacturers when it claims it has no money for poor families in a crisis? If helping them economically to help the nation is Marxist, then pray that Obama is one!

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7 November, 2008 at 10:52 pm