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What is Sin?

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I read in a Christian website that 87% of Americans believe in sin, the average of 94% conservative thinkers and 77% liberal ones, showing that more Americans are conservatives than liberals! The author comments:

Yes—even the broad majority of liberals believe in the idea that some things are just morally wrong.

The, rather liberal, author implies that sin is synonymous with morality. It is a belief that Christians like to maintain because their obsession with sin seems to make them rightfully obsessed with morality. But correctly, sin is a violation of God’s will and that might be moral or immoral to us. Though their God, Christ, is supposed to have abrogated the Mosaic law so that Christians do not need to be circumcised, for example, and so that they do not have to follow Jewish food taboos, they do not seem to get it.

They want to keep the old Jewish laws that suit them while ignoring the ones that do not. They want to retain the Old Testament laws against homosexuality but reject the nearby laws against adultery which require adulterous wives to be stoned to death. The Christian author admits, “many of us cannot agree on specific behaviors and activities that can be defined as sinful”. He means Americans rather than Christians but as a similar percentage of Americans profess Christianity as believe in sin, it must mean that many Christians cannot agree on what comprises sin despite their fondness for citing God’s Holy Word.

It turns out that 81% of Americans unite in thinking adultery is sinful, so they ought to be stoning large numbers of their fellow Americans, if they really accept “the word of the Lord”. Otherwise doesn’t it mean they are hypocrites? 65% think that using drugs like cocaine, heroin and LSD is sinful, and 41% include hemp and alcohol, though only booze, of those drugs, was available to the ancient Hebrews to whom God originally handed out His laws via His man, Moses. So, these Christians are not just going by God’s word, but are extrapolating it according to their own prejudices. They take it to be God’s will that these drugs are sinful, but God never actually said so.

Though God in Leviticus is quite hard nosed about homosexuality being sinful, only half of Americans think it is. Similarly, the Mosaic law was insistent that the sabbath ought not to be violated by work, but only one in seven Americans can accept that, perhaps because their God seemed to ignore it Himself when incarnated in the flesh. But the incarnated Christian God, Christ, declared personally, and in no uncertain terms, that poverty was a requirement for salvation, but only 4% of Americans agree with God over this!

Despite it, they never have any doubts that they are saved merely because they call themselves Christian. God has no role to play after this confession of faith, it seems, which is maybe why they feel free to ignore His will when it is clearly expressed from His own mouth, yet retain His ancient and now supposedly repealed laws when it suits their desire to oppress other people.

The liberal pastor tells his flock not to bother too much about it. God will take care of it as long as they remain faithful, after all didn’t Paul, the apostle to the gentiles say in Romans 14:23:

everything that does not come from faith is sin.

Would that it were true. Christendom would have been a much nicer place than it ever has been! The Christian himself gives us a neat summing up:

There are huge disagreements among Christians on what constitutes sinful behavior. Further, Christians get downright nasty about it, resorting to badmouthing, shunning, beating, torturing and killing each other because they disagree over (among other things) what sin is. As the Roman historian Ammianus Marcellinus (AD 330-395) observed, “No wild beasts are so cruel as the Christians in their dealings with each other.”

Written by mikemagee

21 May, 2008 at 12:24 am

3 Responses

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  1. Sin is an obsolete concept used to oppress converts to any religiosity. Again the one word hides many different definitions other than the one you quoted, and that in itself shows the human origin of the concept. Being a human conception its validity and meaning will change over time needing the reinvention of the word in modern clothes or more clearly the use of different words and ideas to describe the same set of moral circumstance. So now adultery is merely cheating and only paedophilia is a sin it seems. No need to worry about god as he never was involved in its impositityon in the first place as he does not exist in the religious sense. delightfully yours sam


    19 July, 2008 at 9:12 am

  2. I often think wild beasts are much better creatures than human beings. Unlike us, they only do things for their own survival, not for their likes and dislikes. Christians may say human beings are superior because God created us in his image, but are we really?


    30 July, 2008 at 2:17 pm

  3. Sin is anything a ‘christian’ does that can be blamed on the devil. To them the devil is more important than god. Anytime a christian is caught doing wrong they may finally admit their ‘sin’ but they never fail to describe how hard the devil worked to make them fall, even though the good christian tried to resist. Christians LOVE the devil because they get to put onto him most of the responsibility for their own dirty deeds. Other christians encourage this way of thinking for they all know someday they might decide to ‘sin’ and will also need a scapegoat. They are openly admitting this invisable demon is stronger and more attractive than the god they claim to love. It is quite revolting.


    3 July, 2009 at 12:28 am

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